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October 11, 2018

Top Five Hacking Tools

When data breach and data security, being one of the most important issues the whole world is facing now, cyber security and ethical hacking has taken the front seat in a lot of aspects. Data security, at this point in time cannot be taken lightly. It is one thing that needs to be given more weightage.

Here are certain tools that are widely used in Ethical Hacking

Nmap ( Network Mapper)

The Nmap is generally used in used in port scanning, which is one of the phases of Ethical Hacking. Then the map is considered to one the best hacking tools of all time. The Nmap is available in various versions to support various other Operating systems including Linux and windows.

The Nmap also has various features under its belt that help in probing computer networks, host discovery and also detect operating systems.


Nessus is ranked one among the top vulnerability scanners. The Nessus was designed by Tenable network security. Nessus, in particular, is very much recommended for domestic use or educational purposes. The Nessus is equipped with features to find critical bugs on any given system. Some of the flaws that it can detect are misconfigurations,weak and easy passwords, and other system vulnerabilities.


Nikto is basically a web scanner. It tests and scans a large number of web servers and identifies, specific software that bad CGI and outdated or files that seems to a potential threat. It has the ability to perform random checks and also scan specific servers.

Some of the key features of Nikto are it’s an open source tool, can check web servers and can detect more than 6000 CGI that has a threat, Checks old servers and check misconfigured files.






Kismet is one of the most recommended tools for hacking wireless networks or wireless LAN. With the help of data traffic, the Kismet simultaneously identifies the network and automatically collects packets and detects the networks that are hidden.

Some of the features that Kismet is powered are, it runs Linux and in Ubuntu and at times applicable to windows.


Netstumber is also one of the popular tools used for preventing wardriving. It is a tool which works on the Windows operating system. The Netstumblem has the capability and the advancement to detect 802.11b,802 and 90211g. The newer version of this called Minister is now available.

Here are some of the uses of Netstumbler that makes it one among the best. Identification of access point network configuration, locating the cause of interference, verifying the signal strength, finding out unauthorized access points.

The above mentioned are some of the best tools for ethical hacking and cybersecurity. Every tool is exceptional in their own way. With the amount of internet security and data security increasing day by day Knowledge about the tools and its related matters will something that will be of great help both professionally and personally.

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