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A dynamic database driven coupon web site application.
It allows websites to manage and publish their own coupon ad program from any web browser.


Click -N- Print Coupons, is an easy to install web content management solution used for showcasing coupon listings. Whether you are building or operate a website and looking to ad value to your site, Click -N- Print Coupons allows non-technical users and to quickly create and publish their own coupon listings to your website, using only their browser.Easy enough for any consumer to operate, Click -N- Print Coupons makes managing and listing coupons online simple. Users easily log into the program and create listings by entering coupon information into a group of fields. (E.g. Category, Description, website, discount or offer, etc) Once a user clicks submit, the listing is ready for webmaster approval with notification via email. The user can easily manage (edit / delete) their coupon information, simply by entering their registered email address and the associated Coupon ID.

Consumer value, visitors to your website then simply search the coupon listings and select coupons to view and then simply Click and Print the savings from their browser.

Key Features


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